Storm take NEKL crown

March 25, 2020

Hello! How's the quarantine going? Bored yet? Good because I am too but it also means after a year of trying we can give this blog some life! I know that two clubs have started taking on daily challenges. Having been so impressed by Storm's, I set one up for Newcastle (thanks Craig). Don't forget just because we aren't playing at the moment doesn't mean we can't still have a laugh :'). Before we begin a massive shoutout to all of our players who are key workers; especially those who work for the NHS for keeping us going. 


Now with the somewhat abrupt end to the season most leagues have been left scratching their heads with what to do but alas not us. Having beaten every time they've played, Storm 1 have absolutely smashed the league unbeaten and done it with a +144 goal difference! Congratulations to them and when play-offs for the new NRL take place we wish you the best of luck.


With all remaining games awarded a 10-10 draw Storm 2 have also recorded a 2nd place finish in their first ever season. Newcastle 1 have come in at 3rd and possibly could've had quite a tasty battle with Storm 2 had the season been allowed to continue. The quality of game play has certainly been better and it's fantastic to see the informal partnership between them and Storm starting to pay off. 


In 4th we have Titans who haven't played many fixtures this season but have some great new recruits and I'm sure with some more game time next season we will see some more great games. Newcastle 1 vs Titans was the closest game this year with only a single goal in it! 


And last but not least Newcastle 2 who recorded there first ever points courtesy of the 10-10 draws! Get some boys recruited and we'll see Newcastle 3 in no time I'm sure (no pressure Ellie). 


Thank you to everyone who has come back to reffing this season too! We may have finally got some new qualified refs but three is not enough and we need more! We are hoping to run some theory and Q level courses at the start of the new season and potentially even some R level stuff so no excuses. 


Finally, if there's anything you'd like us to feature then let me know! Just drop an email to and we'll see what we can do.


So until next time, (probably tomorrow, let's face it, we're bored enough!)...






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March 25, 2020

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